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Marsha Friedman is CEO of EMSI Public Relations

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Howard Kline is a communication-driven attorney, real estate broker, educator, digital broadcaster and social media innovator.

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Ideas to Go

Enjoy posts from our Ideas to Go archives:

To Be or Not To Be

This past summer, for an entire month, Lakeside Shopping Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan took a journey back in time to the Shakespearean era. It was during the center’s second annual Youth Enrichment Series program, also known as YES. “Last year’s theme was communication. Children learned about radio communication, satellites, computer communications, and operated technology […]

Originally printed November 1992

Flood Relief

Last July, 52 Georgia counties were declared federal disaster areas and 11,000 people were left homeless after Tropical Storm Alberto cut a path across north Florida and Georgia. The devastating flood also spurred thousands of people to assist in the recovery process.

Originally printed November 1994